Theories and Techniques of Oral Implantology (vol.1) (published 1970)   Dr. Leonard I. Linkow

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126 Theories and techniques of oral implantology

others (Fig. 4-95), although both were tightly bound around the post and healthy. One example beautifully demonstrates a high degree of organization of the fibers oriented around the post (Fig. 4-96).

Bodine and Mohammed on a 12-year subperiosteal implant

A rare opportunity for studying conditions around abutment posts and along the buried metal

struts of a subperiosteal implant arose upon the death of a patient who had been enjoying over 12 years of edentulous comfort. The patient's mandible was endowed to Roy L. Bodine, Jr., D.D.S., who performed the implantation. Immediately after the patient's death, the mandible was fixed with a 10(;; formalin solution. Bodine, of the University of Puerto Rico School of Dentistry, together with the pathologist Clive Mohammed of the Veteran's Administration


Fig. 4-98. A, Upon higher magnification of the boxed tissue, the compressed, tendon-like character of the connective tissue is demonstrated. B, Even higher magnification of A shows that the fibrous strands (T) nearest the implant site (S) are compressed and have elongated nuclei. The underlying fibers are more irregular and more loosely arranged. (From Bodine, R. L., Jr., and Mohammed, C. I.: Histologic studies of a human mandible supporting an implant denture, J. Prosth. Dent. 21 [2] :203-216, 1969.)

1 Compressed tendon-like connective tissue at subperiosteal implant site

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